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Payment Factory

Enhanced governance over cash flows


Increase cash flows transparency for optimal decision-making

Context : an application based on client experience

CB Group offers an extensive range of corporate and wealth services. 

Our corporate and accounting firm manages clients with international scope. 


Some of them own multiple international entities with accounting providers and banks in the different countries.


In (late) 2019, one our real estate clients mandated us for the treasury management of one of their property development. We were requested to centralise the cash flows and secure the payment flows with their providers, as well as between the group's entities. 

The project was expected to be completed by 2020Q1. The project was confronted to several operating and financial pitfalls.


The mandate's complexity was based on the following scopes:

-3 countries

-4 accounting firms

-2 validation processes with 3 or 6 stakeholders involved for each process

-5 banks with dedicated processes 

Objective: a digital solution that fits a smartphone screen

We quickly addressed this challenge by developing an app, which had to answer the following constraints:

- Minimal settings for an effective governance

- A resilient solution adapted to any existing infrastructure

- A clear and transparent decision-making process


We therefore responded by building a Minimum Viable Product in less than 6 weeks.

Outcome: a success to deliver an agile, project-ready solution

3 months of operation; 500 invoices;  â‚¬20 Mios paid

Objectives met: decrease of operating and financial risks:

Shorter payment schedules from several months to one week

Centralised invoices system to avoid duplication and to prevent duplicate payments

Cash flow statement published every 2 days for a  more informed engagement from the governance

Liquidity management by 2 human resources: 0,5 fte from our firm and 1fte from the client.


We are releasing a market-ready-solution based on this project


Based on the successful implementation of this treasury management application, we have decided to develop a commercial solution.


Contact us and be informed on our next release.



You require Cash Flow Statements on a regular basis


Accountants & Auditors


You need the invoices to be consolidated on a regular basis

Real estate managers


You show your tenants a granular administrative control over the invoices

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